Rising Bollards

  • AIHB-927 adopts hydraulic drive technology, which is stable and fast. The operation is simple and flexible. It has strong load-bearing and anti-collision capability, low noise, safe and reliable.
  • The fastest time of lifting is 6-7 seconds, adjustable. With a hydraulic drive unit, its operation is low noise.
  • The control unit uses a versatile logic controller, with a variety of functional modes to meet different requirements.
  • The movement can be set to time controlled and the user can freely control the lift height to save energy consumption.
  • In case of a power outage and another emergency, the bollards can be controlled manually by the emergency button to decrease.
  • Top and bottom internal fixed parts are equipped with a current detection sensor and a magnetic sensor respectively, to avoid over-current and limit the bollard movement.
  • AIHB-927 Hydraulic bollard barrier system is widely used in airports, customs, ports, embassies, military bases, banks, prisons, government buildings, parking lots, etc. to control vehicle access. Through thecontrol system, the bollards are hydraulically driven up and down quickly
Control system Hydraulic
Input Voltage AC 220V
Power consumption 0.5 KW
Blocking Height Up to 800 mm
Blocking Diameters Up to 273 mm
Cylinder Thickness up to 6 mm
Cylinder Material Stainless Steel 304
Weight 180 Kg
Opening time 6.0~7.0 Sec (adjustable)
Closing time 6.0~7.0 Sec (adjustable)
Protection Level IP67
Foundation Concrete
Working temrature -20 to +60 degree
Humidity 90% Non Condensing