P-Type Barrier

  • AIFP-01 is a P-Type swing gate barrier that is driven by a 24V brushless DC motor.
  • The device has accurate identification techniques with protection and safety functions like electromechanical anti collision, infrared anti-pinch and illegal intrusion infrared alarm.
  • device ensures rapid, efficient and safe access control and very convenient and easy-to-use features.
  • Double gear transmission, with large torque, more stable operation, and more accurate return, can prolong the operation life of the whole movement by ≥ 9 million times.
  • Current anti-pinch and rebound in case of resistance
  • In case of resistance during the resetting of the telescopic boom, it will automatically stop, or the motor will stop working within the default time. It will be again after the default delay, and the force is very small (≤ 2kg).
  • Low power industrial electronic components with high stability.
  • The mechanical part adopts the CNC process, and the connector adopts a high-temperature quenching process, which will not deform after long-term operation.
  • It has the function of fault self-test and alarm prompt, with its inbuilt voice prompt function, which is convenient for users to maintain and use.
  • Infrared alarm for illegal intrusion. Integrated with face biometric & card reader
Dimension 230*165*1050
Material 304 original brushed stainless steel, acrylic
Passage Width Standard 450mm (≤600mm can be customized)
Full Thickness of The Outer Box 1 mm
Motor 24V DC brushless motor, low noise
Movement Structure 2-stage deceleration horizontal
Mainboard Brushless control system
Traffic Direction One-way traffic/two-way traffic
Opening Signal Dry contact signal
Life ≥6 million times
Infrared Quantity Single-shot infrared
Power 40-70W
Integration Face/ Finger/ Card
Protection Function Electromechanical anti-collision, infrared anti-pinch