Turnstile Bridge Type

  • Bi-directional motorized tripod turnstile with drop-arm function.
  • Successful combination offering high quality at an affordable price.
  • Stable and Robust housing suitable for high traffic areas.
  • Can be integrated with Card, Biometric, QR Code, Face detection
  • Low power consumption.
  • DC Servo Motor for smooth operations.
  • Whisper quiet, low noise operation.
  • Always free or always locked option.
Dimension 380*260*980
Material 304 original brushed stainless steel, acrylic
Channel Width 510mm
Thickness The full thickness of the outer box is 1.0+1.2mm
Traffic Direction One-way traffic/two-way traffic
Traffic Speed 25~30 people/min in normally open mode
Integration Face/ Finger/ Card
Opening Signal Dry contact signal
Life ≥5 million times
Power 30-60W
Type Bridge Type
Working Temperature -20°C~55°C
Storage Temperature -20°C~65°C
Working Humidity 10%~90%