Flap Barrier Swing

  • AIFS-101/AIFS-102 swing Barriers are premium entrance control solutions with superior functionalities, guaranteeing a welcoming and elegant yet effortless entrance control process. Their sleek and slender frame provides a design aesthetic to any site, while maintaining the robustness and durability expected of good product. As a result, Swing Lane Barriers increase the effectiveness of entrance security protocols, and keep track of guest and staff numbers across premises, making them a perfect solution for corporate offices, hospitals, hotels and commercial complexes.
  • Swing Flap Barriers offer a variety of built-in features to ensure safety, security, as well as user-friendly and smooth operations at any point of time.
    • Anti-tailgating Crawling detection Acrylic flap wings with illuminating LED effect
    • Highly Reliable Brushless DC-motor Alarm function, in case of illegal or reverse intrusion
    • Short opening times
    • Dynamic LED Lane indication
Appearance Dimension 1200*300*1000mm
Power 30-60w
Material Structure 304 original brushed stainless steel, acrylic
Passage Width 550mm
Flap Type Retractable
Thickness The full thickness of the outer box is 1.2 + 1.0mm
Drive Motor 24V DC brushless motor, low noise
Traffic Speed 35 ~ 40 people/min in normally open mode
Movement Structure Guide rail structure
Traffic Direction One-way traffic/two-way traffic
Integration Face/ Finger/ Card
Opening Signal Dry contact signal
Protection Function Current anti pinch, infrared anti pinch, illegal intrusion infrared alarm
Service Life ≥ 6 million times
Infrared Quantity 3 pairs (4 pairs can be customized)
Applicable Temperature -15~75 ℃ (add thermostat below this temperature)